How to Reduce Swelling after Surgery

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After surgery many patients experience swelling. Swelling occurs when there is a buildup of fluid in the soft tissues. To reduce swelling after surgery there are several remedies you should follow. The information below is important to minimize the pain and soreness that is associated with swelling. Proper aftercare and treatment must be accurately administered to ensure an optimized recovery.

  • The first step to reducing swelling is to wear compression garments. Compression garments are designed to fit snuggly around the healing area. Compression garments increase the circulation which reduces the swelling of the surrounding areas. The compression also helps the skin heal evenly. Compression garments can sometimes be uncomfortable right after surgery, but it is essential that you wear them for the length of time that your doctor prescribed. Compression Garments are the most efficient ways to reduce swelling after liposuction.

Compression Body Suit

  • After surgery your doctor will usually prescribe pain medication to help during your healing process. Many times medication prescribed to you will most likely contain an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling. Be sure to request either an ant-inflammatory Prescription medicine or request your doctor recommend an over the counter medication.
  • Stay hydrated during healing and maintain a healthy diet. After surgery you can easily become dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water is important and will help to reduce swelling. Make sure you are eating healthy meals three times a day and avoid processed foods
  • There are also massage therapists that specialize in Massage Therapy Lymphatic Drainage. Ask your doctor if this would be helpful to reduce your swelling. The massage therapist can use this method to speed up draining lymphatic fluids from the bruising and decrease swelling.

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